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Aarambha Solution offers an extensive range of access control locking mechanisms and accessories. These locking mechanisms and accessories are carefully order by Aarambha solution and care with main attention on quality and durability. Access control in Nepal import Electromagnetic locks include specialized locks that are designed for requirements of secure access control installations for securing all types of doors gates and cabinets. Access control in Nepal also import programmable digital keypad access control, shear locks, electric power supplies, electric strike locks, wide range of push button door realease switches and key override switch mechanisms.

Holding Force 600 lbs.
Monitoring LED door status output
Lock Size 250L*47W*26H (mm)
Armature Plate 180L*38W*11H (mm)
Input Voltage 12V/24V DC (adjustable)
Working Current 480mA/240mA
Time delay 0/3/6/9 Seconds
Temperature Tolerance -10 to 60° C
Weight 2 KG
Compatible Brackets HT Br.A28LT(U), HT Br.A28LT(LZ), HT Br.A28LT(GL)
Supported Doors Wooden, Glass, Metallic & Fireproof doors
Certifications CE, FCC, ROHS
Variants Holding force – 400, 835, 1100 & 1650 lbs.


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