CCTV camera in Nepal
Aarambha solution and care introduce Dahua IVS Technology. Dahua’s core video surveillance product line, including network cameras, NVRs, and HD over coax, cctv camera in Nepal, price of cctv camera in Nepal, can be applied in many sectors, including banking & finance, government, industrial, retail, sports & leisure, transportation, and energy.

What is IVS technology?
Intelligent Video Systems (IVS) is a technology that provides advanced, accurate smart video analytics for Dahua network cameras, NVRs, and HCVRs. Dahua offers a variety of built-in intelligent video analytics that range from motion detection, tripwire violations, abandoned or missing object detection and more. With analytics becoming more widespread, the complimentary IVS upgrade provides additional value to the customer’s total solution.

What is the purpose of IVS?
A video surveillance device equipped with IVS can analyze real-time images to instantly detect and alert the user to suspicious activities according to the user’s parameters. As a result, personnel can alert the proper responders with confidence.

Additionally, IVS adds sense and structure to a video surveillance system so that operators are more efficient and can focus on additional duties.

IVS works by using metadata via the smart search so that evidence can instantly be retrieved for all objects that entered or exited the scene. As a result, IVS saves operators time when searching for an event due to less recorded video to sort through. Thanks to the high level of accuracy from IVS rules, fewer false positives trigger data recordings for a higher savings on storage.

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