Attendance System in Nepal

Biometric finger print scanner system works very efficiently and quickly as you can read in below described steps. For identification process a biometric physiological finger Scanner works on two basic principles.
First, time attendance system takes an image of a finger, then finger scanner save specific characteristics of every unique finger. It saved in the form of biometric encrypt key.
Actually time attendance system never saves images of a finger only series of binary code for verification purpose.

Biometric attendance system works
No one can change the algorithm into an image. It is totally impossible to duplicate your finger prints so no need to worry about it.
Secondly, the biometric attendance system determines whether the pattern of ridges and valleys in this image matches the pattern of ridges and valleys in pre-scanned images.
So now fingerprint scanner is operational and you can easily manage employee’s attendance and every aspect related to time.


Physiological face verification can be used for identification of a person. With this technique person is identified through its facial characteristics and pattern.


Finger print technique is also a part of physiological biometric. As we know that every human being fingerprints are different and unique from each other. So we can use this technique for biometric attendance system works. The accuracy rate of finger print scanning is very high and it is cheap technology. As compared to other physiological biometrics techniques like DNA, Iris and retina used for verification